Orchids are beautiful flowers commonly known asLan Huain China besides people in other parts of the world call them orchids. This beautiful and elegant flowers are widely blooming in China, Southeast Asia as well as some tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

There are more than 30,000 kinds of orchids in the world, and new varieties of orchids emerge endlessly from time to time. Many new varieties are named after celebrities, the precious value of the flowers are since enhanced.  More than two thousand varieties were cultivated and registered in Singapore.  The most popular varieties are in the Vanda category,
of whichVanda Miss Joaquimwas successfully cultivated in 1890 by an Armenian lady Ms Agnes Joaquim who lived in Singapore. In recognition of her achievements, the botanical garden eventually named this new breed asVanda Miss Joaquimin year 1893. It was later adopted as the national flower of Singapore.

The beautiful orchids bloom all year round
vividly in different colours with a variety of petal shapes in various categories. Orchids are very ideal for the art of floral arrangement as their flowers last for thirty to forty days. These elegantly beautiful orchids are also favourite subjects for artists who are passionate in painting flowers, numerous masterpieces in Chinese painting, watercolour as well as oil painting portraying the distinguished beauty of orchid flowers were sucessfully created every now and then.
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Blooming Orchid Flowers
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1890 年在其花园里培植成功的品种,1893 年新加坡植物园为了表扬她的成就而把这新品种以其名命之为 Vanda Miss Joaquim 称之为【卓锦•万代兰】即卓锦女士之万代兰花。新加坡以此作为国花,寓意“卓越锦绣 、万代不朽”。

漂 亮 高 雅 的 胡  姬  兰  花
Beautiful Orchid Flowers
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